Insurance Software as a Service

Enabling Innovations Globally

Insurance Software as a Service

Enabling Innovations Globally

Insurance Software as a Service

Enabling Innovations Globally

Highly configurable core insurance software

With tigerlab’s core system i2go you are always ahead of the competition. i2go is the worldwide solution for insurance companies, Underwriting Agencies, MGAs, Brokers and Banks, who need to successfully adapt to their rapidly changing business environment – giving you the freedom to move as fast as the changing insurance market’s demand. Our applications are built using the most modern and accessible technologies in the industry. With our customizable modules your business will get a configurable and powerful solution which is fast to integrate and flexible. Your company will enjoy long-term success and a clear advantage over your competitors by using our latest and continuously advancing web platform.

Why choose i2go

Easy to use, well documented, fully responsive

The i2go insurance software is a powerful and integrated system, built for you to achieve the ultimate 360° insurance experience and to realize the benefits of enhanced customer service, growth, and profitability. Being simple yet intuitive it performs seamlessly on all digital platforms. Our unique business model allows you to invest in best-of-breed solution through a risk-free partnership. Returns are guaranteed whether you choose our individual modules or go full suite. Because we are thoroughly familiar with our clients’ goals as well as industry trends and technologies, we can deliver fine-tuned, customizable tools.

i2go – Insurance Telematics Solution

Reduce Costs – Boost Retention – Improve Risk Assessment

The world of mobility is changing rapidly. Telematics and Usage Based Insurance (UBI) products are rolling out across the globe and reshaping the traditional insurance landscape.

We help insurance companies and auto manufacturers to bring innovation to the world of mobility by combining data science with amazing technology. Enabling insurer’s digital transformation that drives new revenue, improved risk assessment and enhanced engagement.

With our agile and fast to deploy end-to-end telematics solution, you can price policies accurately, help drivers to improve their performance and cross sell new add-on products. Satisfy your customers with the connected car experiences they want, while harnessing the power of big data to build the mobility services of the future.

Our quick to deploy Telematics & Usage Based Insurance Solutions support Pay As You Drive (PAYD), Pay How You Drive (PHYD), Try Before You Buy (TBYB) and Insurance On Demand.

Some of our worldwide clients

tigerlab has customers around the globe in all lines of businesses that range in size and complexity.

Are you interested in i2go?

With our free demo you can experience the simplicity and power of our i2go insurance software solution.