Explore i2go features

i2go features help you deliver a fully digital insurance business.

Explore i2go features

i2go features help you deliver a fully digital insurance business.

Overview of i2go Insurance CRM

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The i2go core is the nucleus of our eco-system of modules that supports all your required business functions with high-speed processing. We use a CRM centric approach to help you manage your ever growing customer demands, placing your business ahead of competition.

i2go features are powerful micro-applications that can be linked with our core to fulfil client requirements. Whether it’s building a CMS, buying policies or creating reports; our modules can deliver it all.

The i2go core is the nucleus of our eco-system of modules that supports all your required business functions with high-speed processing. We use a CRM centric approach to help you manage your ever growing customer demands, placing your business ahead of competition.

Policy Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your policy, including new application, quote, proposal, bind, adjustment (MTA), renewal, and cancellations, from a single platform.Gain an overview of policies within the organization. Or get a 360-degree customer view to see all contextual information about a specific customer in a single view.

Perform a simple/advanced search to quickly find a specific policy to improve work efficiency and get more work done.

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  • policy 360 degree view screenshot
  • mid term adjustment policy screenshot
  • edit policy screenshot
  • cancel policy screenshot
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360° Customer View

A full single view of customer data with instant real-time access to the financial or non-financial details.

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Business Rules Manager

Configure business rules, triggers and comprehensive underwriting rules with user-defined security levels.

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Integrated Search

Search all data easily from one universal search, both on our web portal and through our API.

Claim Management

Get an overview of all claim activities created by your customers or employees. Alternatively, get a 360-degree view of the claim to review all the detailed information on specific claims.

Apply a simple or advanced search with additional filter options to find a claim immediately.

You can then edit or correct the claim based on the current status. For example, responsible person, claim status, assigned unit, and more

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  • claim item details screenshot
  • claim transaction details screenshot
  • edit claim screenshot
  • adjust claim screenshot

Workflows and Communication

Best-in-class prebuilt workflows, tasks, and communications to support your business needs on claims.

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Case Management

Provide the ability to view, add, and edit claim information in one central location.

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Calculation of the repayments are based on claim and policy details.


Understand your business performance beyond outdated and static reports on a regular basis. With our versatile and intuitive analytics framework, you can analyze and forecast your business processes on a single powerful platform.

Review status and application progression in a chart or table view. Develop strategies to drive leads to the sales process.

Analyze not only customer behavior, but also sales performance, such as new customer growth, policies sold by agent, policies sold by plan, and more. Improve your business decisions and optimize back-office processes.

  • analytics timeframe
  • analytics bar view
  • analytics table view
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Real Time

With real-time access to reporting data, your team can make timely decisions to run the business.

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Flex Reports

Multiple report outputs (Screen, Excel, PDF) can be stored, edited and shared.

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Configurable Dashboard

Perform configuration on the analytics dashboard based on your business needs.


Keep accurate accounting records by tracking all incoming and outgoing bank transactions and ensure that important records are available during taxation periods.

Get a clear overview of your company’s financial health with easy-to-read charts showing current cash flow figures.

Manage your invoices easily with built-in SMS/email capabilities to remind customers of overdue and pending payments.

  • accouting dashboard
  • sms and email integration screenshot
  • manual journal screenshot
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Maintain your cash flow easily by sending out online invoices with online payment options available.

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Configurable Dashboard

A single place to track your bills, invoices, bank balances, and more.

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Accept credit card, debit card, and cheques for payment.

Customer Service Portal

Provide your customers with a self-service portal where they can easily access and change policies and personal information, like address, payment details, password, and more.

Customers can retrieve their incomplete offers and continue purchasing through the portal. In addition, they will be able to easily submit a ticket to customer support for any issue.

Customers can also submit a postal request if they want a physical copy of the policy. Your representative can then process the request immediately.

  • policy details screenshot
  • change password screenshot
  • account overview screenshot
  • new request screenshot
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Ticket Submission

Enable customers to submit support requests if they weren’t able to find answers to their questions themself.

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Supports custom themes and logos to match your brand and create a seamless experience between website and support portal.

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3rd Party Integration

Flexibility to integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party customer service portal.

Lead Management

Manage your cold, warm, and hot leads in a systematic process where incoming leads are qualified, analyzed and maintained so that they can be turned into new business opportunities.

Monitor all your incoming leads by configuring the fields “Products”, “Incomplete order status”, “Customer response”, “Follow-up date” and “Lead classifications”. This allows you to develop the right strategies for following up leads.

Keep track of your leads for tracking through the Calendar view, so you can better plan and organize your leads.

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  • leads calendar view screenshot
  • incomplete order 360 screenshot
  • edit order screenshot
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Lead Classification

Understand which prospects are most interested and prioritize the follow-ups with data-backed insights.

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360° Lead View

View lead’s profile, identify customer touchpoints, led classification, and recent conversation – all from a single view.

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Lead Routing

Manages routing to ensure that the right salespeople follow up on leads while they are still active.

Activity Management

Get an overview of all work activities created by your employees or customers. For example tasks, irecord, leads, and customer tickets.

You can also adjust your activity page to the “calendar view” so that all activities of the day itself are displayed in the calendar instead of being listed in the “list view”.

Perform a simple search for the desired activity using a keyword search or other search options by filtering. You can filter based on category, status, assigned person, and duration. You can then easily edit and view the activity details as needed.

  • activity search function
  • activity calendar view
  • activity 360 view
  • edit activity
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Activity 360° View

Get an overview of the software activities that created by your staff/ customers for planning and follow-up purposes.

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Auto Numbering

The logic created behind the system helps you to assign unique codes to each activity to track the total number and differentiate the types of activity easily.


An activity type that allows users to keep track of and record events and documentation received or sent out from i2go. For example, phone calls, fax, and more.

Omnichannel Management

Allows you to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions so your agents can close opportunities faster.

All outbound calls, SMS, and emails can be made through the policy, business partner, prospect, and incomplete order page. This allows you to get an overview before making new interactions to ensure a superior customer experience.

Reach customers with automatic text notifications, preview dialers, click-to-dial, or callback service during peak hours.

  • omnichannel twilio
  • omnichannel email
  • omnichannel sms
  • omnichannel call
  • omnichannel 360 view
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Access to the interaction data via the reporting tools to monitor KPI and understand performance trends.

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Intelligent Routing

Enable intelligent routing to collect customer inquiries and then route them to the agent best suited to solve the problem.

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Multi Channel

Support SMS, voice, Facebook Messenger, Line, Whatsapp, and Webchat on a single platform.

Commission Management

The commission, which is a percentage of the insurance premium paid to an agent or insurance salesman, can be managed with ease. You can access all commissions generated in the system on the Commission Search page and get details such as individual commissions, policies, and more.

Automate your commission scheme by setting the rate based on your requirements. You can also define different types of rules for calculating parameters and aggregate them for commission calculations.

Lastly, view how your commission payment is made, create a report and download it as a CSV file, and use the report to understand your commission scheme even better and more comprehensively.

  • commission inbox screenshot
  • create commission report screenshot
  • commission overview screenshot
  • commission report screenshot
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Sales Data Repository

Store and access to all collected data on the policyholder, the product sold, salesperson, and more.

commission structure icon

Commission Structure

Organize your commission structure according to the roles and rules of your organization.

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Flex Report

The system offers a mechanism for flexible reporting based on the time period, company, and status.

Rating Engine

Automate your quote-to-binding workflow. You can either use it as a stand-alone engine or fully integrate it with the i2go insurance software.

You can create rules and rates tailored to your business needs and requirements. All premiums are calculated based on the combination of rating rules.

The i2go rating engine supports different tariffs, all of which can be tied to multiple inputs that are linked to external databases.

rating engine screenshot
internal engine icon

Internal Engine

The internal rating engine supports table-based, factor-based, and algorithmic rates, all of which can be tied to user-entered or lookup inputs tied to external databases and rating engines.

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Real-Time Premium Calculation

A robust rating engine for real-time premium calculation, enabling the usage of any combination of amounts, factors, discounts or minimums.

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Multi Currency

Deliver multi currency support to your agents around the globe.

Open API

Allows you to seamlessly integrate the i2go core systems into your insurance application via an open API structure. Moreover, the i2go API is structured according to the REST principle.

Get an API that has human-friendly URL endpoints, accepts and returns JSON data, uses standard HTTP status codes and outputs useful error messages.

  • commission inbox screenshot
  • create commission report screenshot
  • commission overview screenshot
  • commission report screenshot
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Full Documentation

Well documented documentation that describes the handling, functionality, and architecture of our API.

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Load Testing

Evaluate the performance of all APIs and identify the bottlenecks.

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Health Check

Get information about the general state of the i2go system and the individual checks.

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