i2go Cloud Insurance Platform as a Service

A powerful insurance software to create, deploy and manage your insurance products on every channel.

i2go Cloud Insurance Platform as a Service

A powerful insurance software to create, deploy and manage your insurance products on every channel!

Policy Management

Automate your entire policy lifecycle, including new issuance, endorsement, renewal, adjustment (MTA) and cancellations. All in a single integrated platform.

Search a policy instantly with our advanced search function. That way you can avoid spending too much time searching through cluttered data sheets

Have a 360 view of all your policy details, making it easy to collaborate within your company, and you will rest easy knowing your teams can work faster and make smarter decisions.

policy management screenshot

Claim Management

Complete your entire claim lifecycle and streamline routine claim functions, from FNOL to actual payment. Give claim management an added boost with automated processing.

Assign claims staff, verify coverage, create new tasks and generate correspondence based on the data collected at FNOL.

Also, you can make an adjustment or edit to claim details easily with just a few clicks. For example, assigned unit, responsible person, status of claim and more.

Claim Management


Get a clear picture of your business in great detail. With our well developed insurance analytics, you can access all your data on a single platform without referring to different types of sources.

You can extract the data in a timely manner without having to ask an engineer, which makes discussion and collaboration within the company easy and fast. That way you can spend more time analyzing your data instead of gathering it

analytics screenshot


In i2go, you can set up and manage an accounting pipeline that matches the way your business operates, without costly extra hiring.

When a new policy is created, a new invoice is automatically created instantly. And you can manage your account receivable easily to prevent overdue and awaiting payments. Then, send an email or SMS to the customers based on their invoice status.

Access your manual journal to check financial transactions and make intelligent decisions. For example, you can take out money from the retained earnings instantly to make the payment if the reserve is less and insufficient for claim.

accounting screenshot


Set up a rating engine for your insurance business. You will be able to automate your underwriting process, change rates and rules instantly, and create customized rates for different customers.

Use a single data source and pre-filled validated data from your prospects and existing customers held by your insurance management system.

And if you want to sell usage based insurance products, our powerful rating engine is perfectly designed to pair with telematics technology.

rating screenshot
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i2go Insurance Solution

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Full GDPR Compliance

gdpr compliance software

i2go offers feature rich compliance controls for data anonymisation & deletion. We let you define and configure data retention periods per product & reseller allowing your resellers to adhere to any local GDPR legislation. We provide various data portability methods, enable customers with full data access in our Customer Service Portal including full user consent management module.

AWS Certified Partner

AWS Badge

As an official AWS partner, we are equipped with deep AWS expertise to make sure you take full advantage of all the benefits that AWS has to offer. We are uniquely positioned to support your company at any stage of the Cloud Adoption Journey.

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