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tigerlab level up wedding insurance experience for UK General

We are very pleased to announce the successful implementation/ go-live of tigerlab’s i2go Full-Suite system for UK General, a UK based and award-winning provider of niche personal lines insurance products for brokers.UK General were looking for a flexible, cutting edge, fully regulated/ compliant and fast to deploy solution for their B2C Wedding Insurance product and i2go ticked all the boxes.

There were many challenges on both side in creating a product, which asked minimum questions, utilised third-party data enrichment tools and catered to all possibilities (from an underwriting perspective), allowing a fully automatic and customer self-service solution.

This has been an exciting 4-month project for tigerlab, because of the latitude of core and digital capabilities deployed and the speed with which it progressed. We at tigerlab are fully committed to supporting UK General success with flexible, customer centric insurance software solutions that can deliver a better digital experience and increased efficiency.

Going through a rigorous internal due diligence and external pen test, tigerlab proved that it can cater to the biggest MGA’s and Insurers legal and IT requirements.

i2go Insurance Software:

i2go is tigerlab’s All-In-One Insurance Suite that helps customers to manage their entire insurance business, enabling them to accelerate growth and increase efficiency. It offers customers a flexible, customized and configurable insurance software with a voucher-based system, allowing for a full refund on all upfront costs

i2go Full Suite:

Our Insurance Suite provides customers with a full set of applications for their core operations and a platform that promotes customer relationships, relevant products and streamlined processes.

The Benefit of having a Full Suite is that you have various channels to manage and distribute your products to multiple channels. You have full insights into customers data to increase engagement and loyalty. In the same time, it is API enabled so it can be connected to different 3rd party tools and software. If you want to find out more benefits of i2go Full suite, then click here!

i2go Modules offer:

i2go offers a plug and play option for its modules so you can choose what features you prefer for your business software.

  • Policy Management

Enables you to create and edit policies in a very fast and easy way to quickly adapt to changing market needs.

With our Claim Management module your clients are able to inform you with a few clicks of a claim with supporting photos from their mobile devices. Our claims management software helps insurers manage the entire claims lifecycle.

  • Quote & Buy

Our Quote & Buy module will give your clients the opportunity to get instant quotes and sales online.

  • Rating & Commission

With this module you can add products and rating factors to generate gross and net values. It is built to seamlessly handle the complex collection of data companies generate daily. Furthermore, we offer fully configurable commission rules.

  • CMS (Content Management System)

Our Content Management System is built specially to support marketers and business leaders in maximising sales and easing customer journey. Thanks to the CMS your website content is accessible virtually from anywhere and any device. Since nowadays working remotely and mobile is increasingly important, this is a crucial feature for your success.

  • CSP (Customer Service Portal)

Our Customer Service Portal (CSP) is a precious channel to cross and up-sell products, that allows you to minimise your labour costs by granting an online service for customers. Moreover, it simplifies the Policy Endorsement Process as well as establish a good brand image for your company.


About tigerlab:

tigerlab is a global IT company that provides insurance software solutions for Brokers, MGAs & Insurers.

Our solutions are based on the effective use of cutting-edge technology and quality tools that help improve productivity to stay ahead of the competition. We use a CRM centric approach to help you manage your customer demands. Our unique business model allows you to invest in best-of-breed insurance business solution through a risk-free partnership. Returns are guaranteed whether you choose our individual modules or go full suite.

About UK General:

With over 20 years of experience, UK General is the largest Managing General Agent (MGA) in the UK and is the leading provider of niche and specialist personal lines insurance.

UK General’s extensive experience and expertise in the schemes market enables them to provide specialist and niche insurance products that give brokers a competitive edge. Their wide range of products gives their gives partners the flexibility to design products that are unique.

About Wedding Plan Insurance:

A WeddingPlan Insurance offers you protection in the event that something goes wrong in the run up to, or during, your big day. It can cover you for unforeseen eventualities such as the financial failure of a supplier, your venue or loss/damage to your wedding attire. WeddingPlan Insurance offers wedding insurance quotes and policies that cater for a wide range of budgets. They offer Public Liability cover as standard and their flexibility and exceptional customer care truly leads the way.

Comment Craig Duwell Head of B2C, UK General

“Creating not only a slick customer quote and buy journey but as importantly, automation for previously manual tasks, has saved a significant amount of time for customers and our team members alike, which we can now utilise in bettering our product and acquiring more sales. Overall, working with Tobias, Daniel and the tigerlab team has been a fantastic experience and is really proving its worth in all aspects of our business.”