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Welkom, Judith!

As of 2020, tigerlab has been in the insurance business for twelve years. Over the course of the years, we have slowly but surely expanded our expertise, not only by hiring motivated and innovative people, but also by broadening our product portfolio. Hence, today, we are a leading international IT company who provides insurtech software as a solution to big insurers as well as startups all over the world. To ensure tigerlab’s prolonged growth and profitability in the future, we deem it as crucial to build a network of strategic partners. Therefore, our newest addition to the team, Judith Burchardt, will overlook the expansion of our community relations and the management of our partnerships. It is our goal, among others, to partner with companies and individuals who can help us to diversify our product portfolio even more and to allow for an easy integration of third party solutions into our software. 

“Judith’s extensive experience building partnerships and deep understanding of agile project management are valued assets to our team. We are confident in her ability to help us become an employer and partner of choice as we continue to execute our growth plans. I am delighted to welcome Judith to our team.”

– Tristan Lienhardt (CMO)

As tigerlab’s Chief of Strategic Partnerships, Judith is responsible for the management of tigerlab’s relations in the software and insurance industries as well as supporting our teams in ensuring agile product delivery. She holds a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from The University of Edinburgh and brings a wealth of experience working in B2B partnership management. In addition, she has over 5 years experience working in an Agile software technology company and is a certified Agile Coach.

“I am very excited to join tigerlab at this time in their journey. Expanding strategic partnerships and, in doing so, enhancing the product offering is an incredibly exciting opportunity. I look forward to bringing my experience to the team and together ensure tigerlab’s continued success.”

-Judith Burchardt (Chief of Strategic Partnerships)