wolfgang advisor post

New Advisory Board

With the first half of 2020 almost over tigerlab is looking forward to great things ahead for the upcoming six months. During a time like these, we want to ensure that we boast the right blend of knowledge and expertise to support tigerlab’s growth. Therefore, we are proud to announce the establishment of our new Advisory Board. The aim of the board is to help tigerlab think more widely, strategically, and innovatively. We believe this will help us achieve our mission of being the global leading supplier of modern and customer-centric SaaS for the insurance industry.The board is a selection of talented and experienced business leaders and academics whose role is to provide advice, guidance, and challenge the business in every aspect of it’s decision-making process. The first Board Member to join is Wolfgang Sachsenhofer who, with his experience and background, is a great fit for tigerlab.

“We are very pleased to welcome Wolfgang as our first Advisory Board Member. Wolfgang is an entrepreneur himself and recognised as an expert in fundraising, with senior management roles at large insurance corporations and extensive work in strategy consulting. We look forward to Wolfgang’s immediate positive impact at tigerlab,” said Tobias (CEO of tigerlab).

Wolfgang has been working with and advising several innovative corporates in Europe and the US in his capacity as head of Acentive GmbH and the Energy Strategy Think Tank. Currently, he is the Head of Strategic Venture Capital at AXA in Winterthur. He has more than 10 years of experience in venture building and entrepreneurial advisory for corporates and startups. Wolfgang holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.  

“I look forward to bringing my corporate expertise to the board and being part of the continual rapid growth of tigerlab,” Wolfgang remarked.