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1st Half of 2018: A year of firsts, growth and big hopes for tigerlab

Is it just us or has this year really been the craziest, most fulfilling and challenging year for you too?

With an exciting and eventful year where the market has been constantly evolving and progressing, we too needed to really think about our system long term. But the pace of change was a surprise and using our agile methodologies allowed us to not only keep pace, but to stretch ahead of the curve.

We have a great record of working with big companies like AOK Germany and we are proud of our solid current partnership with the dignified Hannover Re. The changes in requirements, new integration and new distribution channels required us to think on our feet and adjust accordingly. Hence in 2018 our new v7.0 was born.

With challenges to conquer and dreams for a fine future, we knew we had two options; go big or go home. We decided to go with the former and produced what we and our clients believe to be one of the most innovative and cutting-edge piece of Insuretech software in the market.

Some of our employees, who are amongst the best talents in the region, proposed a viable new solution based on the current and future needs of our clients and the direction of the industry. The top objectives of such a software were for it to be fast, powerful and highly configurable. Fast in integration, powerful in processing and versatile enough to configure the client specific unique features in the best way possible. Challenge accepted!

By February 2018 we were already working on a pristine new system. While working on this change during free time and late hours, most of our team was also sweating hard to fulfill current promises made to clients who were onboard the earlier version. For them the switch over would follow at year’s end.

With a new version in sight, team tigerlab had to not only manage upcoming roll-outs so that new clients could be started on a fresh and solid footing but we also had to work on our identity this time. All the hard work on the product side would be left unrecognised in the market if we did not show our clients and the industry all that we had done and were capable of.

There on, the marketing team alongside our CEO Tobias and MD Daniel, worked on a product launch and branding plan. V6 IN.Surance was going to step off and V7 i2go, short for insurance to go, would be wearing the crown.

With i2go envisioned we knew the efforts on the marketing side had only just begun. We needed branding, a new website, content and most importantly strategy. While marketing worked that out, our developers and project managers were scrambling to hold on to any free time to finish everything that needed to be done.

Come April we were reaching close, the website was under construction, the content was being created and the software was progressing module by module.

May was the month of action. We finally had our first roll-out on the new system, with our New Zealand based client Cove. Once taken flight i2go launched more clients in a single month than ever before. In the following days it was the turn of our customers HGI and Reposit UK to go-live as well. Everything had finally fallen in place.